The Telford Organ


Telford organAccompanying the fabric restoration is the project to restore the cathedral’s rare fine antique Telford organ,
which is Telford’s earliest extant unmodified instrument dating from 1838. The organ, which is a tracker organ with one manual and a small pedal board has a sweet bright tone which makes it particularly suitable for playing baroque and earlier music. At present it is playable only in the warmer, less humid months when it is wonderful to hear it being played at evensong and for the occasional recital. The restoration of the sound board by organ builder and conservator Stephen Adams is due to take place in spring 2010 to coincide with the installation of the new heating system. This is not only a vital work of restoration necessary for the preservation of this rare and beautiful organ, but is also the first significant step toward the time when real cathedral choral and organ music will be performed regularly in this beautiful building. The cathedral presently has neither organist nor choir.

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